Play the Game

Each week we give away the hottest prize on the planet, NBA TopShot packs and moments. All you have to do is predict what will happen, and wager points accordingly, as you watch a live NBA game. Think you have what it takes? Prove it. Get in the game.

The Prize!

We give out three NBA Top Shot Series 2 Base packs each week.

If you place in the top three scores you will receive a Series 2 Base Pack.

If you haven't been able to grab one of these packs during a drop now is your chance by predicting the game!

How It Works

Join the game weekly at 7:30 EST after the countdown is complete listen to our hosts discuss the game and ask a variety of prop based questions. Select how much you would like to wager per question and watch the game on TNT to see how you do.

Finish the game with the most correct and the prize is yours!

Step 1

Select your answer for each question.

Step 2

Select the amount of points you want to wager.

Step 3

Claim your prize if you are the winner!

See it in Action